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How To Pick The Perfect Wall Art For Your Interior

Yearning to jazz up your interior with a dash of personality? Wall art will do the job! 

Artwork helps you express yourself through your decor and make a head-turning statement in your interior while adding to the visual aesthetics. Wall art, especially oil paintings, adds rich and dense colour to your home, while the use of layers in the canvas art piece diversifies textures. Plus, artwork is easy to switch up while decorating for different occasions and seasons.

But to make the most of your wall art, it is essential to have know-how about choosing the pieces that perfectly suit your space. Knowing how to pick the perfect wall art for your interior gives you the confidence to curate a highly-personalised display. Keep reading for our expert tips and advice on how to choose the wall art that suits you (and your home) best!

Use Artwork To Set The Tone Of Your Room

Art is a powerful tool — it has the capacity to transform the ambiance and set the tone of your home. In fact, considering it as an afterthought is one of the major mistakes homeowners make. So, if you’re moving into a new place, we recommend setting the base by choosing the wall art first, and then proceeding with the rest of the design.

Doing so provides a shortcut in interior design; you get an idea of the colour palette to choose for the space and the style to follow. This brings us to our next point — allowing your wall art to guide the colour scheme of your space, or vice versa.

Choose Colours That Complement Your Existing Decor

While wall art can easily help you devise the palette of your interior, the room’s colours play an equally important role if you’re choosing a piece for your existing decor.

Consider choosing wall art that complements your existing interior design. In that regard, you may pick pieces that exactly match the colour scheme of your room. A more interesting approach, however, is getting inspired by the colour palette and choosing artwork that contrasts or redefines the existing tones. For example, creating a contrast with a bright blue painting of the waters is a fantastic idea for an otherwise white coastal-inspired interior. Alternatively, tone things down in an eclectic space with minimalist wall art.

Opt For Artwork That Speaks To Your Personality

The best interior design reflects who you are — and the same applies to wall art. Always choose pieces that resonate with your personality. For a Scandi-lover, this may be a laid-back, white oil painting, while botanical prints will do the job for a plant parent.

Tip: Choosing pieces that are reminiscent of your childhood memories is a great way to find comfort in your home. Whether it’s an heirloom piece of art your grandmother passed down to you or an oil painting reminding you of the sweet days of life, artwork that feels like home can never go wrong!

Consider The Location Of The Artwork

The function of the room where you will hang the artwork plays a pivotal role in the type of artwork to use. For example, while choosing art for the living room, you may want to display your main pieces. This is because the living space is where you hang out with family and entertain guests, making it a great place to flaunt your best pieces. In contrast, more intimate pieces of art work well in the bedroom — perhaps something you and your better half personally connect to.

Pay Attention To The Purpose Of The Artwork

To choose the most suitable piece of art, it is essential to consider the purpose you wish to achieve. If you aim to make your artwork the room’s focal point, opt for a large canvas print that will turn heads. Flank it with accent lighting fixtures, such as wall sconces, to draw maximum attention. On the other hand, if you’re using artwork to subtly add to the aesthetics, opting for a more subdued print will do the job.

In either case, choosing to curate a gallery wall is a great idea. There are various gallery wall compositions to choose from — and they can single-handedly transform your interior into a visually interesting space!

Ready To Pick The Perfect Wall Art?

With this guide coming to a wrap, we hope you now know how to choose wall art that suits your interior best. If you’re looking for captivating canvas art and alluring oil paintings, head over to our online store and surf through our collection to find something for every taste! Finally, a quick tip before we wind up — if your room receives plenty of natural light, we recommend glazing your artwork with UV-protective, antireflective glass. This keeps the colours of the wall art from fading. 

Have questions or queries regarding your wall art selection or placement? Drop them in the comments section below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible 🙂

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